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99) New 1988-2000 s-10/s15 truck engine v6/v8 swap kit, small block chevy/gm sbc(US $69. 1962 Buick Skylark Rare 2 door hardtop with 215 cubic inch aluminum V-8 Which GM only produced for 2 years. At the time the engine was the lightest mass-production V8 in the world King Race Performance Bearings. The 215 cube aluminum V8 is about the same length as the Buick 350, which derived from the 300 Buick V8 which derived from the 215. New, Used and OEM Automotive Parts - Large Inventory - Great Prices Blue Hei Distributor Coil 8. The 1961 versions of the motor were rated at 155 hp, but later years saw increases - up to 200 hp normally aspirated for the Buick version and 215 hp in turbocharged form from Olds (the 62-63 Jetfire). V8Buick.

The 215 is a stand A Buick 231 (3. 5L guise Under-Hood Eaton M90 Supercharger on an MGB with a Buick 215 V8 swap. (car is not included) The engine is from a 63 Old F85. 5l) all aluminum v8 is not that much heavier than the b20/b21 engines and is probably equal to or less than the b27 (god have mercy on it's cams). I have seen Triumph TR-8s (which came stock with the 215) with Edelbrock manifolds, Holley double pumpers, Crane Fireball cams, etc. Hedman Hedders & Trans-Dapt Performance Products are two of the hot rod industries original manufacturers, dating way back to 1954.

After the less than successful Judson Supercharger installation, I knew that I really wanted more power, but it had to be reliable. Buick V8 215-350 Pro Billet Distributor. 1-800-575-6998 Some builders have already taken these engines to 1000 hp so the potential is certainly there. Louis. 8 in (88. Buick’s aluminum 215-cu.

TR7 parts, upgrades and cures too! This TR7 swap makes your wedge what it was meant to be - a sports car! Drive Line And Differential. 375 Can buick 215 v8 fit fiero 1988 auto or 5 spd? Early Cherokee engine swap Usually they put in a gm 3. No, this was his first car–the very 1967 GS 340 that he had purchased in February of 1968 after his return from service in Vietnam. We can make clearance cuts for an extra charge for the kits that require these. Various parts and pieces, cranks, valve covers, heads, oil pans, etc. Valve Springs.

com Message Board. Stock and Performance Single and Dual Valve Springs for Buick V6 & V8 Engines. Was going to convert an MGB-GT to v8 or v6, but have decided to put it back to original drive train. That said, this swap constitutes new and unprecedentedly awesome ground. RockAuto ships auto parts and body parts from over 300 manufacturers to customers' doors worldwide, all at warehouse prices. IMHO You can never go wrong with a Buick 215 and a V6 swap is swell as well.

Buick 215 V8, Aluminium, model t, roadster pick up. 5 in × 2. I have a wierd question. Fits 322,364, 401 and 425 Nailhead. The 215/65 is 5. It has a Isky Cam and Flat Top pistons.

We ALL Bracket race from time to time, probobly more than any other form including "Class" Racing. engine swap components Engine conversion components, for the street, off road or race track, for the experienced and non experienced installer. Cam Accessories. There is a Buick 215 aluminum V8, and a Buick 300 V8 that would go in relatively easily. im putting a chevy 350 into a 61 skylark how do i find engine mounts for the swap? 11 answers. In the 1953 model year when Buick came out with what was originally referred to as the “Nailvalve”, (not Nailhead) V8, the Special still carried a straight 8 motor of 263 ci.

engine, and the Cutlass had a 185 HP version. Jeff Brekke's Buick-powered '65. by timing covers. 5L/215 BUICK V8 Parts and Accessories. This aluminum V8 started life as a Buick in 1961, and the suspicions of patriotic Americans who felt that a V8 with just 215 cubes must be some sort of subversive Red plot), but Rover kept it The video kind of sucks. V-8 and what transmission is used in cunjunction with it? I have a 62 Olds.

Find great deals on eBay for buick 215 v8. The 4. Fitting it in the car without widening the rear end, avoided odd proportions later. This remanufactured engine site has engine swaps, performance engine upgrades and general information at links below. 4 liter in an 86 Comanche pickup and it bolted chevette how hard is it to put in a small block chevy? Nonspecific Car Forums i'd fit a 5. Jeff's excellent craftsmanship is also evident in the engine bay.

1. The 1961 Buick Special Skylark came standard with a version of this same engine (optional on other Specials) that used a higher compression ratio and a 4-barrel carburetor to produce 185 hp. Buick sold the rights to this motor to Land Rover This is part of the collection that m RockAuto ships auto parts and body parts from over 300 manufacturers to customers' doors worldwide, all at warehouse prices. RE: Can I replace 215 65 R15 tires with 235 75 R15 tires? My 1988 Buick reatta calls for 215 65 R15 tires but I can get a set of 4 235 75 R15 tires for free, will they work? Buick Division, concerned about the high manufacturing costs of their innovative aluminum 215 V8, sought to develop a cheaper, cast-iron engine based on the same tooling. there are lots of intakes for a 215 both aftermarket and stock Buick and Rover. They used the same 215 design and bellhouse pattern for years in the rover.

More Info › The Canadian Essex's origins are controversial. i have a 61 buick skylark that i am trying to swap out the 215 v8 for and 80's chevy 350 and im not sure what to do for mounts I am new to this site, but I am familiar with British cars. Land Rover bought the 215 from buick around the same time jeep bought the 225 I think. Antique Cars Classics Customs Hotrods Leadsleds Roadsters Streetrods Trucks Turbine Car 40 31 Ford 67 Dodge Charger 61 Chrysler Images Specs Pictures Photos The seller claims that this Sprite did have a V8 installed at one time, but it has since been pulled. Thus, no alterations are required to fit the Buick/Olds/Rover into that chassis. I've cut out those supports now so I can treat the rusty areas and seal them.

You just have to get new 16 in. It was usually Buick's lowest-priced model, starting out as a full-size car in 1936 and returning in 1938 (after a two-year hiatus) as a mid-size. The crankshaft from a 300 V8 was retrofitted, with mods, into 215 engines as a means of stroking those engines. Jetfire Engine In 1961, the F-85 had a 155 HP version of the 215 ci. Comes with a few extra rims and original . Here's something I wrote a long time ago.

5mm Spark Plug Wires 1961 This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. Nailhead Intake Manifolds. 5 L). Replacing the diminutive VW motor is an all-aluminum 215 cubic inch Buick v8. Stock and Stainless Steel, Standard and Oversized Valves for Buick V6 & V8 production and aluminum heads. 0/4.

compared to chevy's 350, buick's was lighter with more nickel in the block, had a smaller bore and a longer stroke, and other differences. Tip height is something that hasn't been addressed yet, but it's not relevant for just a spring swap on the car. 0:1 for 190 hp. Buick Nailheads For Sale. How It Was Done: an index to the popular article series What is a 215? Before there were Buick V6's, there was a lightweight aluminum V8 installed in many Buicks and Olds, and some Pontiacs. Distributored Rover V8s are divided into two generations.

of torque. 81-inch intakes and 1. Parts and Accessories and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! The old Buick 215 cubic inch V-8 engine is probably wider than V-6 engines, due to the 90 degree angle between the two banks of cylinders and heads, as compared to 60 degrees. Located Portland (Oregon) area. The "Dauntless" 225 is an "odd fire" engine meaning the cylinders fire odd order. Timing Parts.

Just for fun, the snow tires that are recommended are the 215/60/16 size. Some of our flywheels can be Lightened for an additional charge. 1961 1962 f85 oldsmobile buick 215 aluminum v8 valley pan bolts and clamps gm(US $8. Live TV from 60+ channels. Between 1960 and 1963 variants sold in high numbers as: Oldsmobile Jetfire; Oldsmobile 215; Buick 215 (BOP215) BOP stands for Buick Oldsmobile Pontiac Buick GS Tech tips and info. It was a tight fit, but No,, this is not an acceptable swap.

Includes an iron gear and a rev limiter The 215 V8 had a 4. The stock 215 is no powerhouse but it does put out about 220 lb/ft of torque. By Bob Gumm (Please be patient, this page has lots of information!) The H-Body cars (Chevrolet Monza Spyder/Mirage, Oldsmobile Starfire Firenza, Buick Skyhawk Roadhawk/Nighthawk, Pontiac Sunbird Formula) and Vega, as well as Pontiac Astre have a lot in common and can share a lot of the V6 and V8 Chevy Monza parts. V-8 is one of the great engines of all time, weighing in at just 324 pounds sans fluids and pumping out 185hp and 230-lbs. The stock rubber mounts under the bellhousing for early bug and early bus interfere with some engine adapters, please let us know when ordering if your transaxle has these. 8 in, for an actual displacement of 215.

The newer design though is different. Owned and built by Don Bates. Very little rust with just over 80k miles. The aluminum V8 swap kit we have developed is engineered for 1977-80 vintage MGB. The buick 215 (3. in.

V6 & V8 Hydraulic, Solid, and Solid TR7 Rockets! Convert your Triumph TR7 to Buick V6 power with a John's Cars conversion kit. Edelbrock is the most respected name in performance. This is MY buick 215 v8 conversion in my Porsche 914. It was dubbed the "Fireball". SP-1, SP-2, SPX, Edelbrock Performer & B4B, Offenhauser Dual 4 Barrel . F-85 - Answered by a verified Classic Car Mechanic "Dauntless" Buick 225 From 1966 until 1971 Jeep used the Buick 225 V6 as the optional engine in CJs.

Kaiser purchased the tooling to build the engine from Buick in 1967 and began production of the engine. This Site Might Help You. Your speedometer will read 56. You from the pictures and title know we’re talking aluminum 215 in a 2002, but hit the jump for the details that seal the deal. The motors bolt up to T5 5-speeds out of the 80s ponycars. i have a 61 buick skylark that i am trying to swap out the 215 v8 for and 80's chevy 350 and im not sure what to do for mounts Buick Power.

The 215,300,340,all are different strokes so the cylinder heads are all different distances apart. I also have an all aluminum 215 cubic inch V8 Buick motor out of a 1962 Buick Special. A new connecting rod design was used for the 4. For those of you who want to retain the factory type rope seal and avoid the current non-asbestos fiberglass core rope seals available in most kits this is the seal for you. The iron-block, . Rover V8 TR4A.

Both these indivuals also hoard tons of hard-to-find 215 parts. Easy to use parts catalog. The Rover V8 began life as the Buick 215, an all-aluminium engine introduced for the 1961 model year. Front power Disc brake conversion (The Right Stuff). TBI Wiring Harness Conversion ! First you need to go to junk yard and pull the engine EFI harness or complete system if you can. We have many products for your Turbo Buick V6, Turbo Trans Am, and Grand National, as well as all LSX based vehicles such as late model Camaro, Firebird, and Corvette.

The venerable Buick 3. 8L) V-6 has more displacement and is about the same weight as the 215. 035". A - Length from rear of intake manifold to water pump pulley B - Length from rear mounting surface to water pump pulley C - Height from bottom of sump to highest point of intake manifold Click on Product Images above to see these valve covers with the breather and PCV valve installed from the Buick/Rover 215 Valve Cover Install Kit ( p/n EA215KIT ) Note: These valve covers are not for use on the big brother 264, 322, 364, 401, 425 Nailhead Buick motor. Other GM small blocks, like the Buick 215 (3. 4 liter v-6 i personally put a 3.

The modern Buick V6 is directly related to the aluminum 215, first available in 1961 it was light and powerful for it's size however it was too expensive to make so the first V6 was make from the 215 design, they came up with the V6 in just 6 months, not out of aluminum but iron. 3 L and 3. The standard Buick bell housing will bolt to a SM420, so this is probably the best transmission swap option for Jeeps equipped with this engine. 00] 5 year Promise Warranty (Included in the Price) 7 year Promise Warranty [Add $200. Here's my original post. I have a 3.

Torque Tech . When planning an engine swap, it is essential to have specific information regarding the engine you plan to use in order to determine if it will physically fit. sounds awesome and it sits on ever-handsome Buick road wheels with staggered 215/70/15 front Select Your Warranty*: : 3 Year Promise Warranty [Subtract -$100. Edelbrock Performer, Offenhauser Dual Port . The original design for the V6 started in the early 60s when Buick created a V6 based on the all aluminum 215 V8. It is all a question of how much weight you are willing to gain.

He used an even-fire, mid-80s Buick V-6, adapted to the Corvair transaxle. Click the links above for engines, parts, etc. Some early wooden car bodies used by Buick had the body numbers die-cut into the wood sill, just inside the right front door. Total mileage is unknown, but in the last 5 years it has driven less than 2,500 miles on the new drivetrain. I have to take issue with your claim that the 198ci V6 was developed from the 215 aluminum V8. 3 or buick 215 or 350, instead, rather than the heavier sb chevy.

Carburetor and air filter are missing. What vehicles use the 215 c. The flywheels used in Buick cars are much lighter. Price Range. Based on this, if the 215 swap does not work, chances are the same is true of the pre-1964 198cid V6 engines, but if the 215 swap does work, then the early 198cid V6 swap will likely work as well - stranger things have been known to happen. Trends with Jeeps come and go, but engine swapping is the steadily rising constant, and today, conversions in Jeeps are done more often than in the hot-rod glory days of decades past and these conversions are done cleanly and with greater success than ever before.

350 Buick Stage 1 Dual Plane . The most commonly cited story is that the Essex is a Ford Windsor V8 engine with two cylinders cut off (similar to what Chevrolet and Chrysler did to make their 4. Automatic transmission and power steering. You will alsohave less power. Unlimited recording storage space. 99) Dea products a2462 motor/engine mount-engine mount(US $16.

Authentic reproductions. Camshafts. Total package $800. 400-430-455 Intake Manifolds. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. They settled on an unusual 90° V6 layout that was essentially the architecture of the '215' less two cylinders.

Stock Engine Engine Swap. Megasquirt Support Forum (MSEXTRA) (Buick 215 in MGB) by slow_hemi6 » Mon Jun 03, but it remains where I put it when I first did the engine swap back in I am looking into using a Rover V8 in my 240 DL wagon. 0 v8 swapps, the buick v6's and v8's will swap, the 307 and 302's will swap. Recently restored with a rebuilt, matching numbers engine and transmission, new interior, and re-plated chrome, the car is said to run, brake, shift, steer and ride very well with fully functional electrics. It was the perfect engine given the vehicles weight distribution, which was somewhat on the heavy side and the 215 offered the balance, coupled with performance they so desired, or did it? This replica of a Alfa Romeo 8C was custom made out of aluminum by a very talented metalsmith. Re: Datsun 510 v8 swap question Post by qwik510 » 14 Mar 2008, 12:53 Unknown007 wrote: ok i reread it so im guess a v8 swap would make the car way too hot?especailly while racing?well any sites then on a cheap 300zx engine?with mounts etc?and im guessing i have to buy motor mounts,cross member,sway bars, and push out the trans hole a little Aluminium Buick 215 V8 with fuel injection.

The Rover V8 is the follow on to the Buick/Olds 215 Aluminum V8 and is exceptionally light in comparison to the 350 Chevy or the Ford 5. Hi Folks, I have been disassembling my Buick 215 and I have a few questions The engine # is OH25 01777 and the supplemental engine # is Hq 073. Premium aluminum casting. Re: Buick 455 engine swapping February 14th, 2012, 09:00 PM 300-340-350 and the 400-430-455's all share the BOP bellhousing flanges, the Nailhead, 215, and the early 196 V6 used different bellhousing flanges. Shop with confidence. 215 & Rover 3500 Intake Manifolds.

"MG Enthusiast Magazine. I have a 1960 CJ5. Check out 122dave 1968 Volvo 122 in Silver Spring,MD for ride specification, modification info and photos and follow 122dave's 1968 Volvo 122 for updates at CarDomain. The OH25 makes it a 1961 Buick Special 155HP, 2bbl. Fits 215, 300, 340, 350 Buick engines. 625 in and stroke of 3 SCG Tests A Transmission Adaptor.

With over 50 years of experience, we provide you a conversion that is reliable and with the look of a factory installation. Therefore I have a few goodies for sale, a complete Buick 215 with 4 barrel carburetor, 4 - 215 blocks. It was an original 4 barrel car. In initial form, it had a bore of 3. rims. The Buick Special was an automobile produced by Buick.

I am replacing it with an newer LS1 motor. At introduction, Buick’s 215 V8 was rated 150 hp at 4400 rpm. It has an aluminum 215 V8 that turns over with an automatic transmission. 1966 Buick Skylark Additional Info: 1966 Buick Skylark Convertible - Everything underneath the body of the car is NEW! Around 230 miles on the car since the Swap. , Buick 300 flywheel, Buick 215 pushrods. The dog-ear pattern is shared by the pre-64 Buick V6, the B/O/P 215's and the Rover V8's (3.

This 1963 Buick Skylark convertible features an optional aluminum 215 cubic inch V8 and floor-shifted Borg Warner T-10 4-speed manual. CSI Automotive Sales, Service & Parts. The motor mounts Might be the same as the 225. After years of use and abuse, motor mounts need to be replaced. I also think that the Pinto motor makes a cool swap, and the budget master seems to be the '80-'81 Iron Duke GM 4 cylinder. 1 What are common engine swaps for H-bodies? Various Chevrolet small block V8s using Monza mounts or aftermarket.

I know that this can be done, and by my estimates this will be about 120lbs lighter than what is currently in the truck (G54B). 0L 6 cylinder engine Here’s a challenge that’s going to feel just like an episode of our favorite show: Roadkill Junkyard Engine Swap Challenge!Imagine that you’re locked in a big car graveyard with the ultimate set of tools, and there happens to be a shop onsite that will fabricate any driveshaft you want. 8% larger. A discussion and braggng rights to Good Nights At the track. i. The first couple of years of Buick 350s had 10:1 compression (4BBL motors); after 1972, all went down to the 8.

9, 4. Just installed Front QA1 adjustable coil overs. I am planning on rebuilding the engine completely (all ARP and a stroker kit) and running MegaSquirt in my 88 4x4. They will be the same height as the 17 and 18 inch tires. Will not separate. The first decade of Rover production (1967-1977) used a close copy of the Buick 215 timing cover.

RePower your Samurai with a V6 or V8 engine conversion from Suzuki Lightning Conversions That is evidenced by the GM’s development of the 215 small block. There is a website called V8 BUICK. Offenhauser and Eelco Dual and Triple Carbureted . This is a 1963 Buick Skylark two door hardtop. carb. 0L and 3.

When GM brass decided that the all-aluminum 215 V-8 was too expensive to manufacture in 1962, Buick hacked off two cylinders, cast the block from iron, and created the 198ci Fireball V-6 as a Automotive History: The Legendary Buick Nailhead V8 And The Possible Source Of Its Unusual Valve Arrangement directly related to the 215 (to call it an ex-Buick 9. Display Options. 5 L), all-aluminum block, V8 engine with a 2-barrel carburetor that produced 155 hp at 4600 rpm. 6 liter engines. 8 V6 has had a long and fairly illustrious career, powering many Buicks, and other GM vehicles over the past 30 years. PART# 8548 This 1971 Triumph GT6 is the first we have ever seen with an all aluminum Buick V8 swap.

24 in (107. The Buick Vee engines are a pain to set timing on because of the brackets and stuff and there is really only one way where the vacuum advance has a home and you don't short the harness out on a corner. 0 or 4. Tom Gestwick’s restoration project wasn’t just any old Buick that had recently been purchased on a used car lot or out of somebody’s front yard. the 300 and 340 have no source I have ever found for intakes but Buick. Must be used with an MSD 6, 7 or 8-series ignition.

9 at a true 60 mph. The car is based on a Porsche 924 chassis and is powered by a Buick 215 cubic-inch V8. Black Power Coated cast aluminum differential covers for 1964 and up Buick 10 bolt rear end 215. 1961-'63 Buick Special/Olds F-85 rear end conversion. Good article walk-through on installation After being engulfed by Katrina, the project carried on and has become one of the best looking V8 GT customs we have seen. 5L, Land Rover UK introduced the aluminum V8 engine in the late 60’s after falling in love with General Motors Buick 215.

From approximately 1910 through the 1932 model year, a series of open car bodies were produced for Buick by the Stewart Body Company which was located right on the Buick plant complex in Flint. 1 mm), for an actual displacement of 215 cu in (3. 6. This swap works because pretty much every Buick V8 engine built after the Nailhead series of engines (300, 340, 350, 400, 430, 455, and likely the 215 as well) and all V6 engines until they switched to using a Distributorless Ignition System (DIS) in the '80s (with the possible exception of the pre 1964 V6 engines, similar to the 215 V8's) used The stock rubber mounts under the bellhousing for early bug and early bus interfere with some engine adapters, please let us know when ordering if your transaxle has these. 2BBL motors were all lower compression. Rear Main Seal .

The conversion had been completed between 1999 and 2003 by John Mangles of St. Also pretty available, since they were used in various Land Rover models until about 2004, and the Edelbrock manifolds for the 215 Buick are a bolt on. A new header design is all we need to perform a bolt in swap just like the Rover engine. Years ago I installed an 80's Buick 4. 7 mm) bore spacing, a bore and a stroke of 3. 5 cu in (3,531 cc).

The compact engine was lightweight, at just 144 kg (318 lb), and capable of high power outputs: the most powerful Buick version of this engine rated 200 hp (149 kW), and the very similar Oldsmobile "Jetfire" turbocharged version made 215 hp Buick 215 block, Buick 300 crank, Buick 300 heads, Buick 215 inlet manifold, Carter AFB 4bbl. Chances are there's an adapter for your car's transmission We had made some decisions long before finding a restorable '55 T-Bird. A Rover/Buick 215 is an obvious candidate, but we have seen photos of a Sprite with a small-block Chevy. This cover had an oil pump with a female drive gear driven by a male distributor shaft. A Buick 350 V-8 is also pretty lightweight. 24 in bore spacing, a bore of 3.

BUICK 3. 1 or 3. No cable box required. 5:1 ratio. Except for highway travel, a 4 banger seems to be a good choice for an early jeep. Since 1938, Edelbrock has manufactured its core products in the USA for quality & performance.

'70 and up rocker assemblies can be used on 400, 430 and pre '70 350 heads as long as the engine is using the 455 and '70 or later oiling procedure. $19,995 tach at a swap meet and bolt it on. Quick ratio power steering box. Headers are available from several companies- I believe Sanderson is one of them. 0, 4. Has anyone done this, or have info on it? Would additional engine Jeff Brekke's approach to pumping up the power is interesting.

On the lighter and narrower end of V8 swap options, the Buick mill was the perfect candidate for this project. 6 crankshafts are also longer to drive the new oil pump: 2. It was similar for 1962, but compression ratio in the 4-bbl increase to 11. Okay, so I don't know when to quit. Buick 215 V8, as Rover used in 3. Ask here how to get your 215/300/340/350 some respect! 231 to Buick 350 swap/2 quick vids KGB, Apr 29, Ask questions and receive special V8Buick discounts.

. 0L Engine 2. There will be a lot of extra things, don't worry about them now grab it all as whole as you can. Consequently, we've compiled what amounts to the most comprehensive listing of engine dimensions and weights ever published in any one magazine. At Mantell Motorsport, we appreciate both. 030 over 231 cubic inch displacement, reverse-rotation Buick V-6 fits perfectly under the stock hood, with fresh air for the Holley carburetor supplied through the standard Corvair inlets and plenum behind the rear window.

1900 different remanufactured engines with a fill of 90%. I posted the following question in a different forum and a member there tells me that some people in this forum are running a Buick 215 in their CJ. The Buick 215's use the "dog-ear" bellhousing pattern that is different from the 1964-up Buick/Olds/Pontiac GM corporate bellhousing. V6 Intake Manifolds I'm old school on the swap. The cost of a 205 60 R16 tire for a Buick will Nissan Bluebird 1300, 1500, 1600 North American Classifieds - Craigslist Ad - 1970 Datsun 510 Two Door Sedan w/ 215 Buick V8 Swap For Sale in Austin, Texas. ft.

9 mm × 71. bolt right on. The other rule was that it had to be true to the character of what was done back in the 60's, so this ruled out a modern engine swap. View photos from Jay Leno's Garage Buick on NBC. The combination includes a radiator and plumbing and increases overall weight, but front/rear weight bias of the car is not significantly altered, and handling is what you'd expect from the late model Corvair; excellent at any speed! Odd fire also. Good article walk-through on installation Fuel-Injected Supercharged Buick MGB by Bill Jacobson Fuel is pumped from the main tank to the auxiliary Under-Hood Eaton M90 Supercharger on an MGB with a Buick 215 V8 swap.

We specialize in high horsepower forced induction engines. 00] With the decision to purchase Sanderson Headers, you receive: Over 50 Years of Experience! Since 1964, we have been building and installing the best exhaust system components on every imaginable type of car, truck, street rod, custom and kit car. A custom tube chassis supports an all-aluminum Buick 215 V8 that produces 250-275 horsepower with a Hilborn injection stack and exhausts through straight headers that exit under the rear windows. There’s nothing like an American V8 powerplant under the bonnet of classic British style. Love your website. 5, 3.

A new, 80s Mustang-derived front suspension with disc brakes and rack-and-pinion steering will be substituted for the old Ford's hardware. Used by Pontiac, Buick and Oldsmobile for powering multiple makes/models each GM subdivision add its own unique at aspects. The Buick V6 started its production life in the 1962 Buick Special. Re: 215 Buick (and Oldsmobile) Tech March 6th, 2012, 04:33 PM When I was in the Buick dealer (remember, we were only about 3-4 miles from the GMPG main gate) the Buick engineers claimed that the Buick heads flowed MUCH better than the Olds units. Since the 225 is a Buick engine, it uses the standard Buick bell housing. P/N 1672-200.

Aside from gracing some of GM’s most awesome evolutionary dead ends of the early 60s, it lived on in one form or continent or another 40 years. However, if your car is an earlier model, some modifications to the firewall, inner fenders, radiator mount, steering rack, and engine mounts are necessary. The car is a 1967 MGB GT, converted to a Buick V8 215 with 5 speed gearbox. Or get the 17 or 18 tires depending on your current rim size and swap the tires on your rims. They are listed on the Buick site. 5 in, and a stroke of 2.

Paint is said to be original and the fit and finish looks very good. Featuring Buick & Olds 215 CI and Rover 3. In this light car, that little V8 would be quite a mover. Motor Mount (Rubber) 215 V8, Special. Bolt this Edelbrock Performer intake manifold onto your 215 V8 for instant performance. Less than The ford 5.

What began in 1963 Buick Skylark Convertible With/Factory Air Conditioning I believe that only 3 out of 10,000 were made with factory A/C! The Engine is the all aluminum 215. Additionally, D&D offers a completely integrated Vega swap kit that will be covered in detail in a future issue. What is a 215? Before there were Buick V6's, there was a lightweight aluminum V8 installed in many Buicks and Olds, and some Pontiacs. Ive only done an afternoons worth of research so far, but reading about these engines makes me think they may be prime contenders for a Z-car swap. Roller cam springs included. The basic 1961 Buick Special came standard with a 215 cu in (3.

New Hedman Headers Range Rover 215 Aluminum V8 Buick Listing in the Exhaust,Cars Parts & Accessories,Parts & Accessories,Cars & Vehicles Category on eBid United States | 46115553 20+ Years of experience in building, tuning and racing high performance vehicles. My Buick conversion is setup for a 914 & for sale. The engine was rebuilt and has traveled less then 5000 miles since it was rebuilt. Remanufactured engine pricing and I. I'm dying to talk with someone who has done the swap. This engine kit contains the following top quality components Engine Rebuild Kits The car is a 1967 MGB GT, converted to a Buick V8 215 with 5 speed gearbox.

2nd Annual All GM Swap Meet Held at Haydocy Buick GMC, 3895 W. Remanufactured Buick Engines . Unusual for a swap like this, the seller says that the car has “No issues whatsever,” and also that the car has been owned by the same person for 44 years. No MSD Ignition control required. com that has lots of good info on custom swaps for Buick’s. You Have Selected.

Made in USA! Intake Manifold, Performer Buick 215 V8. Although Rover bought the design from GM, the casting technique and aluminum alloy was changed to solve the problems of the original engine. They are made from forged steel and now have balance pads on both the small and big ends; the screw-in bolts retaining the caps are of a more robust design and are manufactured to extremely fine tolerances. for cars, inboard boats, trucks, RV's or motor home at links above. Aluminum Buick 215/Rover V8; Ford 302 V8; GM LS family of V8’s "Starting up the V8 is entertainment in itself. My old car a 99 olds 88 and its size is a 205/70/15 I just put the tires on 3 months ago and would like to just swap the rims.

com. 9 L V6 designs, respectively), but several important differences between the Windsor's design and the Essex's make this implausible. 1 V6 into one of these, it increased the power quite a bit. Since I didn't do the work, can't take credit for the design or craftsmanship. A custom tube chassis supports an all-aluminum Buick 215 V8 that produces 250-275 horsepower and loud sounds through straight headers that exit under the rear windows. All new MOOG ball joints, tie rods, idler arm, Pitman.

We DO NOT SELL A KIT. The Rover V8 began life in America as the Buick 215, since then variants have been produced in England and Australia. The 215 is the same basic block as other '60s Buick V8s and as such most any performance parts made by US companies like Edelbrock, Crane, etc. not recommended and the expensive route to take. D. Hi guys, been a while, but i will be back in the States next week and can't wait to get started on my KGT again ! Just reading through old posts and saw a mention of mating a buick 215 to the vw trans.

Known variously as the Fireball and Skylark by Buick (and as Rockette, Cutlass, and Turbo-Rocket by Oldsmobile), the 215 had a 4. Top: Used on '71 up 455 and 350. Post timeslips and discuss strategies. Call for turn key crate engines too. 0 Mercruiser waiting for my F head to expire. Not completely sure on that though.

ANYWAY! On to the frame rails:The biggest problem for my Vega project was what the stock Buick 215 torque did to my stock Vega rear suspension. It was a 90 degree engine and its first displacement was 198 CID. It sports a built 215 Buick all aluminum V8 with T5 transmission, narrowed rear, and enough meat on the back tires to let you know it means business. They help eliminate engine vibration throughout the vehicle, and they keep the engine located in the chassis properly. See our Intake manifolds - Buick. Designed originally as an economy engine, it found its way into several quasi-high-performance applications, including Olds' turbocharger applications.

The Beetle uses a reinforced pan and rides on a custom independent suspension with RideTech air shocks. The 215 came out in 1961 as a 2-bbl with 155 hp in the Special and as a 4-bbl with a higher compression ratio for 185 hp. made in USA. D&D Fabrication, a specialist in these engines, claims that a complete 215 (air cleane A friend just gave me a Buick 215 w/heads and most of the trimmings. Broad St. At the time the engine was the lightest mass-production V8 in the world, with a dry weight of only 318 lb.

, Columbus, Ohio 43228 740-215-0126: email this event to a friend! In the instance of factory Buick castings, you can get an intake that's has a larger radius of . MGB v8 Conversion Parts . Will ship (at your expense). 0L with LE Jetronic fuel injection and lots of chrome 3. The following list shows our products for the MGB/V8 conversion. I'm looking into buying this 04 lesabre and its stock tire size is a 215/70/15.

70) 1970 Buick GS 455. From Crankshaft Coalition Wiki and the reason for a swap beciomes readily apparent. Muscle + Character. 350 Buicks are one of the most common engines around and match the 215 in exterior dimensions and configuration, plus it uses the more common BOP bellhousing pattern. This manifold is manufactured for non-EGR applications and the superior port design will produce maximum power from idle through 5500 rpm. Buick had worked with the innovative 215 aluminum block V8 (later to be an Olds, then ultimately a Rover engine), but it was difficult to build and had its quirks.

from 1968 to '80, buick put them in everything from grand sports to centuries. 95) New sbc chevy billet aluminum motor mounts, w/ bushing inserts & frame adaptors(US $109. 00 with hardware . BUICK 215 V-8 ENGINE REBUILD KIT - SPECIFY SIZES REQUIRED. Ready-to-run distributors include a built-in ignition module. Either one would swap nicely.

215 300 and 340 use the same cams and exhaust manifold spaceing. 2. 5l) V8--probably not as reliable as the Chevy small block, but they live on in Rover cars, so parts are still available While the Buick ’65 to ’67 300 and ’66 to ’67 340 were equipped with larger ports and valves than the earlier 215 and ’64 300, larger is a relative term: The 1. Small Garage Products and Services Some of the best engineered products were made right in our own back yards. For the longest time there was a MGB on Craigs list with a unfinished swap of a Ford 3 The Beetle uses a reinforced pan and rides on a custom independent suspension with RideTech air shocks. Buick did this to make the 231 V6.

D&D Fabrications is the Aluminum V8 Specialists Worldwide. There is proof of the conversion, but no mention of what type of engine was installed and if it was ever drivable. Known primarily for exhaust headers, engine mounts, carburetor spacers and adapters, and chrome and aluminum customizing accessories, these two pioneering companies have 1000's of components to help your GM, Ford or MOPAR car or truck run stronger and look cooler. But the Chevy swap would be tough even for a pro. we thought it might be time to build one of our own. The 198 was the 215 without the last 2 cylinders.

We do not sell the original Buick engine. For this post we are talking about the 1962 Oldsmobile 215 aluminum V8. Aluminum is more difficult to work with than steel but it was a great choice because the exposed metal really shows off the body. Loading Recent Vehicles. V6 & V8 Cam Hardware, V6 Timing Chain Tensioners . 2 and 4.

For Sale is a Complete Olds/Buick/Pontiac/Rover 215 CI all Aluminum V8 Engine and 5 speed T-5 Transmission. buick 215 swap

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